Our Philosophy is to help patients/clients achieve self independence, and return to full participation in work, sports and other activities as rapidly as possible while preventing further injury.

Our ultimate goal is to help patients/clients achieve optimal physical and functional potential utilizing a holistic approach to rehabilitation and wellness. We treat not just the injury but the individual, emphasizing education for long term results and injury prevention.

We make a concerted effort to fully understand the injury mechanism as it relates to biomechanics and kinesiological factors. An in-depth evaluation and treatment program is established at the initial visit. We utilize an aggressive, active and passive approach to each visit.

Utilizing manual therapy for soft tissue and joint mobilization, we emphasize a functional approach to strengthen and re-educate the body. Emphasis is placed on individual movement during activity, ensuring each person is treated as an independent person to achieve their optimal outcome. Frequency and length of treatment is determined by both therapist and patient/client as needed to achieve successful transition to independence.

Treatments are provided by the same therapist every visit to ensure consistency of care, and allow follow-up questions to be answered and addressed without delay and increasing cost.

Early intervention will often prevent chronic damage and relieve pain and discomfort. We feel the best prevention against serious injury is participation in early intervention, screening for possible limitations, and active involvement in wellness. Muscle strengthening and sport/activity specific conditioning programs are available, along with Massage Therapy, and Pilates.

We provide each individual with exercises specific to their particular injury in relation to daily activity, job and recreational requirements. Education in basic anatomy, mechanism of injury and preventative care including proper movement, lifting and posture with an individual strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning home exercise program are designed to be specific to each individual.